Prickle Era at an End

Unfortunately we are closing, despite a successful outcome of our new pilot clinic at our new location, we have been unable to secure a permanent agreement with City of Yarra or find another suitable alternative location.

Our last clinic is Thurs 29th September,  please refer below for patient referral details:

Thank you to all the following people:

Firstly, Social Traders, without their generous support (and patience) Prickle would never of happened.  In particular, over the past 12mths, we have had the privilege of working closely with Libby Ward-Christie, Godfrey Agius & Kate Saporta, in their tireless support of Prickle v.2.

Secondly, our volunteer clinic assistants, without their presence, our clinics would not have been able to run as seamlessly as they did.  We are very appreciative of their time as we are fully aware of the heavy study load that is a Chinese Medicine degree.  In particular, I would like to personally thank Jacob Hoskins & Steph Cheung for their assistance in the running of our recent pilot model.

Thirdly, to all the practitioners that have been on board throughout the journey, in particular, the founding practitioners Jo Sharkey & Christine Lee, whose vision of community acupuncture made Prickle a reality.  Also, Helen Bourke, whose dedication and adaptability, particularly over the past 12mths is commendable.

Last but not the least, we thank all of our patients who attended our clinic & entrusted us with your health & wellbeing.


Referral Details:

Low Cost Multi Bed Clinics:

Richmond:  Discover Chinese Medicine

Ivanhoe:  Freedom Chinese Medicine*

*To avoid an initial consultation please request a referral letter from Natalie or Helen


Prickle Practitioners:

Helen Bourke (Wed & Thurs) South Yarra:

Kura Chinese Medicine

Fee is covered by Medicare, out of pocket $25

Natalie Smolarek (Mon & Wed) Seddon:

Seddon Chinese Medicine – Ph 9689 8880 to make an appointment

Fee for existing Prickle patients $45


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